Our Fish

The most healthy and sustainable fish in the world

Not all farmed fish are alike and none meet the high standards we set for McFarland Springs Trout. Our trout are the only fish in the world commercially raised on a 100% vegetarian non-GMO diet. The result is superior nutrition, flavor and texture in every delicious bite.

What makes our vegetarian trout superior?

  • NO artificial dyes, antibiotics or hormones
  • ZERO mercury or heavy metals
  • ZERO toxins
  • ZERO synthetic chemicals
  • More heart-healthy omega-3 DHA than wild salmon
  • Exceed Whole Food Quality Standards

Our trout are raised on a plant-based diet containing proteins from pea, pistachio, and barley, and rich in omega-3 DHA from algae that provide the same vitamins and nutrients as conventional feed ingredients but without the heavy metals and pollutants.

“McFarland Springs Trout is a fish to feel great about eating. This is the only farm raised fin fish we serve and for well over a decade, it has been on our restaurants’ menus, engaging our kitchen’s creative spirit and delivering insanely delicious results to our diners.”

-Stuart Brioza, Chef-Owner
State Bird Provisions, The Progress and The Anchovy Bar, San Francisco CA

Our Farm

zero-waste, carbon-neutral farm runs on hydroelectricity

McFarland Springs is leading the world in sustainable fish farming.

As a biologist, David McFarland saw first hand the damage that years of overfishing was doing to our oceans and marine life. He soon realized that sustainable, onshore aquaculture could help take pressure off our oceans while still keeping healthy food choices like fish on our plates.

In 1984, David started a family farm at the pristine headwaters of California’s Susan River, a natural spring free of the pesticides and contaminants found in most other water sources. He chose the California native Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout to help restore the overfished species through farming.

The spring not only provides for the trout, but also generates all of the hydroelectricity needed for the farm’s operation. After nourishing the trout, the water from our zero-waste, carbon-neutral farm continues into the meadow, where it grows sagebrush and grasses. This closed environment also means they can never escape into the environment.

Our Feed

What goes into what we eat is just as important as what we eat

We developed a custom trout feed with people and the planet in mind. Each of our feed ingredients were hand selected to ensure they are environmentally friendly and free of toxic pollutants. The McFarland Springs trout are fed a diet consists of plant proteins, omega-3 DHA-rich algae and heart-healthy flax oil that provide the right balance of nutrition for the fish and the consumer without sacrificing quality.

This custom feed is what makes our trout a superfood. The algae infuses them with the same heart and brain healthy omega-3 DHA found in wild salmon but without the mercury and toxins found in wild fish. Heart-healthy flax oil is also added to provide better nutrition for the fish and our customers.

Protecting Our Oceans

Sustainable & Vegetarian


FACT: Over 17 million tons of wild “forage” fish – such as sardines and anchovies – caught each year become fishmeal and fish oil

Our fish-free trout diet saves over 7 million forage fish a year from becoming fish food. These wild fish remain in the oceans to sustain the penguins, whales and tuna that need them for their survival.

FACT: For every half a kilogram of fishmeal used, one kilogram of conventionally farmed fish is produced.

We produce 136,000 kilograms of fish every year using ZERO fishmeal or fish oil.

FACT: All other trout farms follow a 1 Fish In: 1 Fish Out Ratio. That means that they can take the same amount of fish out of the ocean as they produce on land

We take ZERO fish out of the ocean to produce all of our fish.

Protecting Your Health

FACT: Conventional trout feed contains fishmeal that contains high levels of mercury, PCBs, microplastics and other harmful pollutants found throughout the world’s oceans.

We regularly test our fish and water to ensure that every fish is free of harmful pollutants.

FACT: A chemical known as astaxanthin is used to give farmed fish their color.

We use a red algae to give our trout their natural red color.

Where to Buy

Always fresh, and always raised with care

McFarland Springs Trout are available at select Whole Food Markets and San Francisco Bay area restaurants.

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Or shipped fresh from our farm to your door